Thursday, April 26, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 6 Performances (Queen Theme)

- Ryan looks sleepy tonight.
- Watching Queen medley,it's almost like Elise is the vocalist of this group. I could live with that. Elise definitely stands out in this medley performance. She's so awesome. I hope she killed it tonight!
- Jessica Sanchez - Bohemian Rhapsody
Solid performance. She navigated the song beautifully I think this song is more suitable for other type of vocal.
- Skylar Laine - The Show Must Go On
Very strong vocal from Skylar. She's been running way ahead of everybody else. Leaving everybody behind. There's a lot of talk that she could be in finale. It might happens.
- Joshua Ledet - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
It's just an okay performance. Please stop with the ridiculous amount of standing ovation!!! If Joshua is really the reincarnation of Sam Cooke,then have at it!!! It's just not my cup of tea AT ALL!!!
- Elise Testone - I Want It All
Her best performance since Whole Lotta Love. She's definitely in her element.
- Phillip Phillips - Fat Bottomed Girls
Pretty good. I still don't like him but Phillip has been trying to change it up his performances lately.
- Hollie Cavanagh - Save Me
I agree with the judges. Hollie lost me again after a few seconds in. I tuned out really fast,I don't know why.
- Imagine if Colton is still there,he would've been so entertaining tonight. Sigh. So far it has been solid but a bit boring for me.
-Jessica Sanchez - Dance With My Father
Pretty vocal!! Reminds me of her The Prayer performance. She's gonna get the military votes for sure after talking about her father being deployed to Singapore. Although Singapore is one of the wealthiest nation in the world.
- Skylar Laine - Tattoos on This Town
Again,great performance from Skylar. She definitely hits her strides.
 - Joshua Ledet - Ready For Love
Wow,I'm very impressed. One of Joshua's best. This is a perfect song for him. I can't anymore with the judges. They pimp Joshua so hard!!!
- Elise Testone - Bold as Love
I think she's too good that I'm having a hard time appreciating her talents. This song is too obscure for me personally. I don't know if America will vote for this performance. I hope they did. But she slayed this song. Her vocal is ridiculous. I wish the song has more melody in it.
- Phillip Phillips - The Stone
LOL at Jessica and everybody calling Phillip weird in that clip. Can we vote for the violinist?? The violin saved this performance for me. So cool!!!
- Hollie Cavanagh - The Climb
LOL at Hollie saying Miley Cyrus song has more meaning than Queen's song. Definitely better than her 1st performance. I don't know why the judges standing up for this and not her Rolling In The Deep last week.
- Tonight has been pretty solid and good all around. No trainwreck,but no fantastic performance either. There wasn't a single performance that I want to rewatch again and again.

My Rank:
1. Elise Testone 2nd
2. Joshua Ledet 2nd
3. Hollie Cavanagh 2nd
4. Elise Testone 1st
5. Skylar Laine 1st
6. Jessica Sanchez 2nd
7. Skylar Laine 2nd
8. Jessica Sanchez 1st
9. Phillip Phillips 2nd
10. Phillip Phillips 1st
11. Joshua Ledet 1st
12. Hollie Cavanagh 1st

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