Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sean Conlon (Former Member of The Boyband,Five) - The Voice UK 2012

After reading Simon Cowell's Rolling Stones article,where he discussed Five a bit. I became curious and search this boyband. What the heck happened to them?? I remember liking some of their songs back then. Not my fave boyband,but I liked it. It's sad seeing how they are right now,British guys have tendency to aging really fast compared to Americans. Scott was so cute back then,now he looks like a regular British bloke. Abs is unrecognizable right now,why he's become a rapper? Ritchie looks old. Sean was pretty much the invisible one back then. I didn't see him as important member of Five,just sticking there for no reason.

It turned out he auditioned for The Voice UK few weeks ago. I didn't know that. Ouch for him didn't get pick by any of the them. Five was Jessie J's first concert. Double ouch!!!! His voice is okay. I wish him well for the future.

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