Friday, April 06, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 8 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Deandre Brackensick (Deandre left on a high note. This was his best performance on this show. I really enjoyed that performance. This recording is also his best effort. He picked the perfect song for him. I really really like it!!)
- Elise Testone (urgh I think Elise picked the wrong song this week. This song also a drag in this recording. Elise's voice still excellent as usual but the song doesn't help her at all)
- Phillip Phillips (his vocal is okay in this recording,but I hate the song. And Phillip's attitude today isn't helping. I really hate him now,I want him gone ASAP!!! What a douche!!)
- Joshua Ledet (what a boring song. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Joshua's voice doesn't translate well on the recording booth. He won't have a career like every african american guys alumni before him. Sad!!)
- Jessica Sanchez (decent recording,the arrangement is so 80's. Why she doesn't make it current?? There's nothing special in this song)
- Hollie Cavanagh (why her voice is so weird in this recording?? Not powerful and crystal clear as always. It's like she's having a flu or nasally. She should be grateful to the euro-pop background arrangement. In the middle of the song,I already tuned out though)
- Colton Dixon (urgh this is good but boring. I don't have the urge to listen to it 2nd times. Sorry,Colton)
- Skylar Laine (beautiful vocal,Skylar's best recording,me think. But the song is so cheesy,I don't think I will listen to this for the 2nd serving)

The best recording this week: Deandre Brackensick and Skylar Laine. The worst batch of recordings this season. So awful and generic!!!

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