Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 9: Battle Rounds 4

- James Massone vs Wade - True Colors
James didn't really know this song. Really??? Did he listen to music at all?? I'm always surprised if someone didn't know a famous song,especially if they want to be a singer. The duet was pretty good. James has really nice vocal,although he has thin voice but I love his tone. Really nice. He needs time to hone his skill though. Wade was good but unimpressive. I approve with CeeLo's decision.
- Nicole Galyon vs Mathai - Love Song
Mathai clearly the chosen one in here. Nicole had no chance to win this battle. Without piano,she seemed unsure and awkward. Although not that bad,I thought. Her voice is very generic. Mathai though,the moment she opened her mouth,I was blown away. She has really unique tone and vocal. I can't wait to see her in live show.
- Moses Stone vs The Line - Satisfaction
What a weird combo!!! MC and country duo singing rock song. Really,Xtina???? The Line was bland,I agree with Jewel,they seemed like wedding band. Moses is very likable and can sing. Their performance was pretty okay. Moses really stood out in the duet. The Line disappeared in the battle. Wow at that girl from The Line,she so pissed off at the end of the battle. Maybe she's so upset that they didn't have a chance at all,and just being used as fodder for Team Christina.
- Orlando Napier vs Karla Davis - Easy Like Sunday Morning
I didn't remember Karla at all. The mentoring and the duet bored me to tears. I completely forgot about the battle. I tuned out really fast. So boring!!! From what I can remember,Karla has nice voice. But she will be gone so fast in the upcoming weeks. She will improve someday though. Meanwhile,I didn't care about Orlando at all.
- Naia Kete vs Jordan Rager - I'm Yours
Jordan didn't know this song. WTF!!!!! This song has been played to death in here and I'm sure in US as well. Especially with the song longevity in Billboard Hot 100 chart. I guess,rednecks really live in a bubble,huh!? The pimping is so obvious in here,Blake picking a perfect song for Naia. Jordan held his own in the battle,the harmony was way better than at the rehearsal. Naia disappointed me,except when she sang her part. She really needs to redeem herself in the live show,if she wants to win.
- Tony Vincent vs Justin Hopkins - Faithfully
Why CeeLo cried again??? OMG this battle was so awful,I prefer Kristy Lee Cook's version on Idol. Sigh. Tony looks like Voldemort when he sings,even scarier than Voldemort. Justin's voice destroys my ears. I couldn't wait for this battle to end. Both of them definitely aren't my cup of tea. It could go either way,didn't matter with me.

Overall,not as boring as in the previous weeks. Yay for live show next weeks. The battle round is so boring,they need to shorten these battle rounds. 2 hours is too long. 6 battle per episode is way too much. The filler is killing me!!!!

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