Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 7: Battle Rounds 2

This episode is slightly better than last week,but that doesn't say much.

- Geoff McBride vs Sera Hill - Chain of Fools
Boring boring boring. I prefer Sera's voice rather than Geoff. The mentoring session bored me already.
- Charlotte Sometimes vs Lex Land - Pumped Up Kicks
Their mentoring session still bored me to tears but the battle between these two was the best duet I've seen so far this season. Charlotte's voice stood out so much,captivated me a bit there. She really has unique voice. Lex on the other hand,has bland voice. I already forgot completely about her audition. Which one was she??
- Juliet Simms vs Sarah Golden - Stay With Me
Juliet clearly outperformed Sarah. I love the grittiness and rawness of her voice. Great performance. I feel bad for Sarah. I wanted her to do well but she disappeared on this fight. Juliet completely murdered her on that duet.
- Kim Yarbrough vs Whitney Myer - No Drama
I expected great performance from them but they disappointed me. Whitney was pretty good,Kim was underwhelming. She didn't impress me with this duet. I was very surprised.
- Lindsey Pavao vs Lee Koch - Heart Shaped Box
This was the most boring scene of the night. I really didn't care about Lee. By this time,I really wanted this episode to end. So boringgggggggg!!!!!! The duet was awful. Lindsey didn't bring out her special quality at all.
- Jamar Rogers vs Jamie Lono - I Want To Know What Love Is
Why Jamie's voice cracked all the time. Oh wow!!!! Jamar looks like a little kid there,being excited at all singing with CeeLo and meeting Ne-Yo. The duet was beyond awful. Jamie sounded horrible. Jamar did an okay performance himself.

I can't wait for this season to end. I won't watch next season. This show definitely not for me. Everything is predictable,I'm not invested at all with all the contestants. No showstopper performance. The mentoring session bored me to death.

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