Friday, March 09, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 13 Result Show

- Wow no lip-sync!!! Bravo!!! Usually when they still had that many contestants,they use lip-sync to harmonize their voices. I love this song when Mary J Blige & George Michael had a duet with this song in their music video back then. Elise Testone's face looks like Paul McDonald from last year. Do not want any cheesiness group performance. Phillip Phillips wears the same clothes every weeks.
- Elise really needs to learn how to navigate in Idol. She should ask her friends and family who watch Idol to inform her about the pitfall etc of Idol show. No surprise that Elise is in bottom 3 girls tonight.
- Wow at Jermaine!! He really can't take any ounce of criticism AT ALL!!! So awkward when Ryan asked him about Jimmy Iovine's comment. Ryan always teases Colton Dixon. I don't like it.
- Georgia Peaches really represents Lauren Alaina well. Fun,spunky country song. I love her sitting at the coach with the guys and singing with Colton and Phillip Phillips.
- Urgh at Erika Van Pelt didn't have enough fanbase at this point.
- Jimmy definitely read the vote totals.
- Yay Erika is safe!!! Joshua Ledet is safe too.
- Mary J Blige performs Why. Soul is just not my genre. She should be a judge though.
- Jermaine is safe. Who voted for this guy????? Sigh.
- Shannon Magrane is safe. I knew it!! She has huge advantage at this point. Lots of airtime and more fanbase than Elise.
- Jeremy Rosado and Elise are in bottom 2. The judges save Elise!!! Yay!! What a waste of wild card spot for Jeremy. He said he has favor from God in the interview. LOL. Looks like God didn't come through for him.

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