Friday, March 09, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 13 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Joshua Ledet (much much better than his live performance. The rawness and raspy on his voice that I hate is minimized heavily in this recording. Of course,the downside is this recording pretty much boring and became a bit lounge song)
- Elise Testone (hmm I'm ambivalence about this. The one thing that made Haley's performance stood out for me was how she picked up the tempo and she gave a lot of energy in it. Elise did the opposite,the tempo is too relaxed and bordering on drowsy for me. The second half of the recording is much better than the first,because she picked up the tempo and gave it Elise's raspy tone in it. Overall,just not the right song for her. The recording itself is too long)
- Jermaine Jones (I love it that they added unique keyboard sound in this song. Makes it less boring. But I can't stand Jermaine's voice,it's just a voice to make you asleep. The first few seconds I really enjoyed it but after that it's dragging. Blah!!)
- Erika Van Pelt (I love this recording. It has rock quality in it,Erika's tone really beautiful. It doesn't sound like Whitney song,she made it her own. If Erika can perform as good as her Pink performance in Hollywood Week,then she will be at the top of my list again)
- Colton Dixon (urgh why this sounds so boring and slow??? I can't imagine anyone will like hearing this slow tempo until the end. Bad arrangement!!!)
- Shannon Magrane (bland,vanilla,boring until the end. Despite her effort to make it interesting in the end,it just doesn't work for me)
- Deandre Brackensick (hmm I prefer the live version than this. Reggae song never gells with my taste. Although I must say,I notice Deandre's strong vocal in some spots,he really can sing in any direction he wants. Whether it's high or low notes)
- Skylar Laine (eh I prefer Pia's recording version than this slow old country version of Skylar. Why oh why she made this recording way too boring???)
- Heejun Han (wow I'm shocked by how pretty Heejun's voice is in the recording. But my god,this song is also boring and way too long for me)
- Hollie Cavanagh (OMG Hollie's voice is so PRETTY!!!! I'm in love with her recording voice. Really really perfect voice for the music booth. I wonder how great her recording will be few weeks from now)
- Jeremy Rosado (Jeremy's voice is beautiful,for sure. But he needs to pick the right song for him. If not,it will be another boring performance or rendition from him. Compared with so many boring recordings so far,Jeremy's not doing too bad)
- Jessica Sanchez (stunning voice on the recording booth,too bad she sings one of the most overdone songs on earth. I don't need to hear another IWALY version on my music player or anywhere. But she got the voice to be a great recording artist)
- Phillip Phillips (awful,the worst recording of the week. Just can't stand his voice)

The best recording this week: Erika Van Pelt,Hollie Cavanagh. I can arguably put Jeremy and Jessica in there too.

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