Friday, March 02, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 24 Result Show (Top 13 Revealed)

- LOL at Jimmy Iovine saying Jeremy Rosado is too nice,Chase Likens is boring and he'll sign Phillips Phillips on the spot. I wonder who's the chosen one. Can they be more obvious with the pimping???
- Wow Hollie Cavanagh likability pushed her into Top 10. Although she didn't receive any airtime this season. Jessica Sanchez is also in Top 10. One of the chosen one.
- Ouch at Heejun Han being called American Comedian,not Idol by Jimmy. He and Joshua Ledet are in Top 10.
- Wow Shannon Magrane got the votes. Who the heck voted for this pageant girl??? Every rich Ivy League college students??? Skylar Laine is in Top 10 too.
- Reed Grimm,Aaron Marcellus and Creighton Fraker didn't get through.
- Oh gawd,lots of talent on the girls. Elise Testone is in Top 10. Yay!!! I hope Erika Van Pelt and Jen Hirsh got the wildcard.
- Jimmy loves Jermaine??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I want him gone. I don't understand why they called him back and rob the 13th spot from someone better. Like one of the girls.
- Deandre Brackensick and Eben Franckewitz has potential. I agree. Change the rule for Eben to come back in years to come??? I approve of that rule change. I want some names from Top 24 or Top 36 in years past to come back. Especially the ones who got robbed big times.
- Colton Dixon is one of the most talented guys in the competition. Yippie!!! This validates my support for him since hollywood week last year. Heck,I even watched out for this guy even before they showed him any airtime.

Now the wildcards:
- Jen Hirsh - Oh Darling
Boring at first but she killed it in the end. I really hope she can perform as good as her Hollywood Week performances. I love her soft high notes. So sexy!!!
- Jeremy Rosado - I Know You Won't
Heavenly!! Just pure heaven!! He's definitely growing on me.
- Brielle Von Hugel - Someone Like You
Why Brielle???????????????? Great performance I thought,not bad at all. Were the judges intentionally pick her for fodder???
- Deandre Brackensick - Georgia On My Mind
Solid performance. Way better than 2 nights ago.
- Erika Van Pelt - Edge Of Glory
I love it!!! The band needs to GTFO to make this performance better. Piano with Erika's voice is enough
I swear I'm gonna kill someone from my cable tv provider for cutting into the program with endless Indo commercials. I'm so angry right now that I didn't see Reed Grimm being called by the judges.
- Reed Grimm - Use Me
Awful,weird performance

Erika is in Top 13. Yay!!!!!! Jeremy is in. Deandre is in. What??? No Top 14 as the spoiler said????? I want Jen too. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Overall,pretty strong Top 13. Arguably the strongest Top 13 since Season 8. I hope next week they'll impress me. I wish all of them will step up their game and not playing it safe all the way to Final like last year Idol.

My rank of Top 13:
1. Elise Testone
2. Jessica Sanchez
3. Colton Dixon
4. Erika Van Pelt
5. Hollie Cavanagh
6. Skylar Laine (boost because last night's performance and the sole country girl)
7. Heejun Han (I can't move him down,he's still way too funny and entertaining)
8. Jeremy Rosado
9. Deandre Brackensick
10. Phillips Phillips (his voice still annoys me,but his bromance with Heejun FTW)
11. Shannon Magrane
12. Joshua Ledet
13. Jermaine Jones

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