Friday, March 30, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 9 Result Show

- Deandre was freaking out seeing Eric Benet. Awww.
- Wow Idol Mansion is so huge!!! This mansion is way bigger than all mansions in the previous seasons. I want to live in that mansion!!!
- The audiences are extra loud today!!
- Ouch at Hollie Cavanagh at bottom 3. Jimmy comparing her unfavorably to Jessica. Yay at Elise safe!!! I hope she'll sail all the way to the top. I don't understand why they praise Phillip Phillips so much.
- Nicki Minaj doesn't even bother to sing. Lots of bad lip-sync. Catchy song though.
- Jimmy blasted Colton for crying while still performing. He critiqued Joshua too. Heejun Han in bottom 3. A little part of me wanted Colton in bottom 3 for being such a religious nutjobs. I've never seen such blatant display of fundamentalism on this show. Way hardcore than Mandisa and Danny Gokey combined. I love him since last year,I love his singing but his proselytizing is so over the top.
- OMG Scotty McCreery looks so mature right now. He looks like a grown man tonight. It's crazy what difference 1 year makes. But I hate this Watertower Town song. It doesn't go anywhere and doesn't have any hooks. I'm very proud of his accomplishment!!
- Wow at Skylar Laine in bottom 3. Shocking!!! Luckily,I moved all my points in the office pools from Deandre to Hollie.
- Heejun Han is the lowest vote getter. Oh crap!!! There goes my points.
- The singing is way too slow,but better than last night.
- Phew,the judges aren't saving him. Thanks heaven. I'm so grateful for Heejun entertaining me since Hollywood Week but I can't afford him outlasting another female singer. This is the right decision.
- Maybe Skylar is in bottom 3 because the fundie split the votes between Colton's pandering,Hollie's Jesus Take The Wheel,and Skylar's NRA toting.

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