Friday, March 16, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 12 Result Show

- Tommy Hilfiger will be image advisor or fashion consultant. Interesting!! I hope he will fix some contestants who have atrocious outfit or dress.
- Jimmy Iovine loves Elise Testone but she's in bottom 3. Sigh. She lacks that hardcore fanbase that needed for this show. Ouch at her attitude not hugging Skylar and walking straight into the doom stool.
- I really love this Demi Lovato song. So catchy!!
- Jimmy threw Deandre under the bus. He's the one who suggested that drag Endless Love. Colton got skewered a bit after he said he didn't care what Steven Tyler said. Randy is a dumbass. He complained everytime the song choice is wrong in the past. Even in the case of great singer sang the hell out of a bad song choice. LOL at Ryan teases Colton Dixon again this week. Wow Deandre Brackensick is safe!! There goes my point. Shannon Magrane is in bottom 3. Yay!!!
- This Daughtry's song,I like. I don't like Chris's voice whenever he screeched on the upper register.
- Erika Van Pelt is in bottom 3. NOOOOOOOOO. Why no love for great "older" female singer on this show??
- The judges don't like the fact that Elise is in bottom 3. Elise is safe. Yayyyyy!!! She needs to do whatever it takes to get that casual votes. I'm really scared for her in the weeks to come.
- Erika is safe. Yippie!!!
- The judges didn't save Shannon Magrane. Bye bye,Shannon!! No more monster ballad again next week from her. This is a perfect Top 10. Arguably,the strongest since Season 8 or 5.
- Next week's theme is Billy Joel. Sigh.

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