Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 8: Battle Rounds 3

Tonight has more interesting duet battles than 2 weeks before.

- Pip vs Nathan Parrett - You Know I'm No Good
Nathan is definitely fodder coming in this battle. He has the looks but the voice doesn't have enough interesting quality in it. Robin Thicke gave useful advice for Nathan to get rid of his nervous tics. The battle is okay,of course Pip won.
- Erin Martin vs Shields Brothers - What's Love Got To Do With It
This pairing is so weird. CeeLo is out of his mind with this one. Erin's voice is so weird,it's like she's intentionally making weird sound from her voice. Some people call that affected,I guess that's what I want to say. I can't take Shields Brothers seriously. But their part was better than I expected.
- Ashley De La Rosa vs Jonathas - No Air
This duet is seriously one of the best matchup ever. Full of chemistry between those two. Ashley really impressed me with her vocal and dynamics. I thought she was a fodder but really she's a dark horse in this race. Jonathas has great voice but he didn't bring something interesting with his vocal tonight. Urgh at his tattoos.
- Jermaine Paul vs AlyX - Out of My Dreams
AlyX is so annoying. The minutes she started rambling,I immediately can't stand her. Why Kelly Clarkson wants battle rounds in Idol?? Their battle is pretty good,AlyX impressed me with her one notes at the beginning,and Jermaine really brought the house down. But I started to lose interest at this point. I became sleepy again with this format.
- Angel Taylor vs Katrina Parker - Bleeding Love
I loved Katrina's audition. I thought with this pairing,Adam would've picked Angel easily. But I was wrong. Katrina slayed Angel at this battle. I was pleasantly surprised that Adam picked Katrina. Yay!!
- Erin Willett vs Gwen Sebastian - We Belong
Erin has big voice and she outsang Gwen. Everytime Gwen opened her mouth,I tuned out. Somehow,Erin is more interesting than Gwen in this battle. I feel bad for Erin's loss. Condolences to her family.

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