Saturday, February 06, 2016

American Idol Season 15: Top 24 Rank

Looks like this gonna be a pretty good season. Albeit a few contestants that were robbed big time like Jessica Cabral,Chyndi Sherrod and Zach Person.

My List:
1. Sonika Vaid (constantly on my top of the list since her audition. Her smooth velveety voice touches my heart)
2. Avalon Young (grabbed my attention on her Hollywood Week and since that I thought she could be a darkhorse)
3. La'Porsha Renae (black diva never dies!! Nuff said)
4. Emily Brooke (the country contender this season,although she needs to pick the perfect song for her to knock the rest of the contestants out)
5. Lee Jean (I love his smooth,understated & low key voice. He needs to work on his stage presence though)
6. Jenn Blosil (bizarre girl. But you can't deny how her voice will captivate you)
7. Dalton Rapatonni (inconsistent,so many Adam Lambert fans pick him as their favorite,his Showcase round performance is one of the highlight of the night)
8. Tristan McIntosh (too much backstory,still waiting for a performance that's gonna impress me)
9. Stephanie Negrette (pretty good vocal,although stiff movement)
10. Mackenzie Bourg (Kris Allen look alike,I admire his strength on rearranging the song)
11. Trent Harmon (great voice,although his face mannerism bothers me)
12. Gianna Isabela  (although sometimes could be bordering on karaoke,but she's been solid so far)
13. Jordan Sasser (great vocal,still waiting to impress me again like his Celine audition)
14. Thomas Stringfellow (unique vocal,hasn't picked the right song choice for his vocal)
15. Kory Wheeler (could stand out with the right song)
16. James VIII (pretty good audition)
17. CJ Johnson (solid performances)
18. Olivia Rox (reminds me of Taylor Swift,pretty solid performances so far)
19. Adam Lasher (great audition,meh showcase round performance)
20. Shelbie Z (great stage presence,but I don't care with her voice and personality)
21. Amelia Eisenhaur (solid vocal,potentially could rise in my rank depends on her song choice)
22. Manny Torres (don't care)
23. Jenna Renae (too little airtime)
24. Jeneve Mitchell (gimmick)

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