Monday, July 03, 2006

Very Big Crowd at The Theater

i've watched Superman Returns today. It turned out that really there is very big crowd and the theater already packed with people >< .We were in the middle line (maybe a few people in front of us),but we didn't get the ticket for Theater 1 first viewing;1pm (the only theater with THX sound system at that mall).We even didn't get the ticket for the second viewing;4pm. But thanks God,unfortunately we got the ticket for Theater 4 second viewing (they play Superman in two theaters). Too bad we had to wait for 3 hours so we played online game at game center in that mall (this is the first time we played there).

Now about the movie,the movie was great. I enjoyed it very much. I applaud the director,Bryan Singer for making that movie that well. Although the opening box office in US not too big (more than $52 million),they said it below their expectations but it still good.Anyway i like all the cast's acting. Although Brandon Routh is new face at Hollywood,but he played Superman very well. Kevin Spacey also show the evil of Lex Luthor brilliantly.^^ Well,i hope the next sequel is even better. I can't wait for that.

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