Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Voice - Battle Round - Xenia vs Sara Oromchi

WTH happened to Xenia's voice?? Did someone slice her throat?? Her voice is so awful. Sara can't sing. This is the worst battle round ever. It's like watching random people who can't sing try to impress America. I need to rewatch Pia Toscano's I'll Stand By You performance to erase this shit.

ps: did Blake Shelton intentionally sabotage his team?? He can't pick the right song!!


Anonymous said...

to the def tone mathaf****** that bloged about xenia.You probably like dumbass songs like my humps. I don't know what's wrong with people and music these days and there need to hear bullshit and refuse the appreciation of good music such xenia and dia not pia which don't get me wrong can sing but is just a regular sounding studio trained artist and sounds like every other good singer with no seperation of uniqueness. although I did hear some shakeiness in xenias voice in the attempt to reach those high notes but none the less shes a work in proggress.

aquayers said...

She's a work in progress,alright. But this battle was a trainwreck performance. No one can deny that.