Friday, January 30, 2009

American Idol Season 8 New York City,NY and San Juan,Puerto Rico Audition

Hmm I think they got a country girl this year too. It's Kendall Beard. I love her voice. I think she will be a good mix in the Top 36.

Btw how crazy is it that the judges speak down on Jessica Baier. She can sing but it's oversinging,so the least they can do is tell her to downplay the tone a bit. The fact that she won 700 competitions shows that at least she can sing.

And what happened with Monique Garcia Torres?? She sounds pretty good yet she's barely make it through. Thanks God for her cute brother,she owes him.

Btw I love the guy who sings jazz song in the short clip,before Kendall Beard.I don't know his name but I like it. (updated: his name is Kenny Hoffpauer)

Well,it seems no one really stands out this season. The one that I like the most is already cut in Hollywood Round (I read the spoiler a bit). I hope the Top 36 is a great selection.

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