Monday, February 02, 2009

Movie Review : Hellboy II:The Golden Army

This film basically tells a story about the old time war between elves (and others like goblin,troll,etc) and human. King Balor (elves king) uses Golden Army created by goblin to crush the human. After that,they make a truce and everyone will stay in their own territory.

In the present,Prince Nuada (the son of King Balor who didn’t agree with the truce) declares war on the human because human don’t respect the nature and destroy everything to build a mall or a parking lot. For his plan to works,he needs a crown (the control device of the Golden Army),which broken into 3 pieces,one in the hand of human,two in the elves.

Hellboy,Abe and Liz must do whatever they can to protect mankind. And to make things more interesting,there will be a new leader for the Bureau.

This movie takes forever to be played in my city’s theater,but it’s worth it. I love the variety of creatures in this movie such as Tooth Fairy,Troll and especially every strange creatures on Troll Market and much more weird looking entity.

If you a fan of magical creatures,you must see this movie. For character’s drama and relationship,Hellboy and Liz will have their relationship issues,Abe will have a crush on someone.

I hope they make the third movie.

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