Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 36 Announced

First of all,I'm upset that Cody Sheldon is not going through to the Top 36,I prefer him over Alex Wagner Trugman.

Well,fortunately many great contestants are in the Top 36. It seems I have so many of my favourites inside:

- Anoop Desai (he's my pick for the male contender)
- Taylor Vaifanua (in the audition,her voice is so great,let's hope she's great in the Top 36)
- Lil Rounds (one big belter amidst all variety of contestants.She's going to go way far deep in the competition)
- Alexis Grace (she's very good)
- Danny Gokey (I'm not 100% supporting him because I only love his "I Hope You Dance" rendition and the rest is not too much like other people out there)
- Adam Lambert (I can't wait for what he'll be singing in the competition)
- Jasmine Murray (one of my most favorite female contender)
- Arianna Afsar (I love her too)
- Megan Corkrey (too bad we only saw her audition and not the Hollywood round)
- Stevie Wright (so many great female singer)
- Kendall Beard (the country singer for this competition)
- Matt Giraud (I love his soulful type of singing)
- Kris Allen (YES!!!I love him,he's a great singer)
- Anne Marie Boskovich (she will crush the other girls)

If I have to narrow my pick,it'll be: Anoop Desai,Jasmine Murray,Anne Marie Boskovich,Stevie Wright,Kris Allen,Megan Corkrey.

Btw I don't see Kenny Haufpouer advancing,I'm sad. He's good at Hollywood round.


Joanna Pacitti is disqualified
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