Thursday, February 05, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Hollywood Week Round 2 (Group Round)

I'm so amazed by Jasmine Murray. She's growing on me with each performances. I hope she makes it to the Top 12.

India Morrison, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen and Justin Williams aka “White Chocolate" who perform "I Want You Back" is so fantastic. I think this is one of the best group performance tonight.

Woah,the drama in Kristin McNamara,Nathanial Marshall and Nancy Wilson's group is so bad. I don't understand why they fuss over simple things. And Nancy should've kept her temper down,maybe her attitude sent her home.

Adam Lambert is so great too. I believe we have so many of great singer this year. This will be exciting in the Top 36,the fan war will become a blood bath.

Btw Bikini Girl is little bit crazy too.

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