Wednesday, February 04, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Hollywood Week Round 1

I love Anoop Desai,he continues to impress me.He's I think a definite favorite for me.

Meanwhile,what the hell happened with Von Smith???I don't understand the buzz around him,he can sing alright in Broadway or stage like that but seriously he's not suitable for this competition.I can't stand his voice.-_-

Danny Gokey's rendition of "Kiss From a Rose" is fantastic!!!

Lil Rounds "I Will Always Love You" is a bit difficult for me to listen because her tones is too high on that one.

I think Bikini Girl's chance to go all the way through to the big stage is slim.Her performance of "Breathe" by Faith Hill although is pretty nice but can't stand out with all the rest.

I don't know but I prefer last year's style of Hollywood week.With every contestants deserve second chance to perform if they suck at the first.Group singing is fine with me,I love watching drama.LOL

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