Wednesday, February 10, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week Day 1

Woah,so many good people got cut,I'm shocked and some great performances.

- Katie Stevens (she's my pick from the audition,tonight her performance was very good although I wasn't blown away by it)
- Skii Bo Ski (awful performance,bye bye douche)
- Vanessa Wolfe (I was shocked that she got cut,although her performance was pretty bad.I don't know why they spent a lot of airtime on her. I thought she gonna make it to the Top 24 by looking at her airtime quota)
- Andrew Garcia (oh woah,so good!!Amazing performance.He could be like Kris Allen,the one who rearrange every song into his own.I can't wait for more of his performances)
- Maegan Wright (I was surprised she got cut,I think she's just okay)
- Janell Wheeler (the first performance from the girl that I was really listening to closely.Could be a contender)
- Haeley Vaughn (hahaha I love Taylor Swift's Change,she performed not as quite good as Taylor but she's very good,I like her)
- Mary Powers (very good!!Definitely the rocker for this year)
- Lilly Scott (spectacular performance,why didn't they show her from the audition day,it's shocking.She should've gotten more airtime.I was truly blown away by her sweet heartwarming vocal)
- Tim Urban (very cute guy,but meh)
- Justin Williams (sexy rendition,shocking that he got cut!!!Didn't expect that at all. I'm wondering why)
- Maddy Curtis (too old of a song,great voice though,I'm so sad that they cut her)
- Casey James (OMG!!Major improvement over his audition. I could support him if he pick the right song and sing it in this kind of bluesy style. Great job,Casey!!)
- Didi Benami (oh gosh,I love Terrified. Katharine McPhee has that track on her sophomore album,and Didi knocked it out of the park. The best performance of the night for me. I almost cried,it's so beautiful,it's gut wrenching. Major points for her)
- Crystal Bowersox (I got sucked in to her performance,I felt like I really watched a recording artist's concert.Great!!)
- Bosa Mora (bad bad performance,too bad!!)
- Joshua Blaylock (nooooooooooo!!!Too bad he got cut!!I wonder how his performance was)

Ellen first day was okay for me. She said too much of a joke. It's like watching Ellen Degeneres Show. I'm not so sure about that.

My rank of today's performance:
1. Didi Benami
2. Casey James
3. Lilly Scott
4. Andrew Garcia
5. Janell Wheeler
6. Crystal Bowersox
7. Katie Stevens
8. Haeley Vaughn

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