Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week Day 3+some of the Top 24 announced

First I want to say that Tasha Layton and Shelby Dressel should've gone to Top 24. I was heartbroken and so bummed that they were cut.

Angela Martin is awesome. I hope she advances through.

Jermaine Purifoy is very good. He's in room 2 so he got cut. WTH!!

Casey James had fantastic rendition on the 1st day. His Bubbly performance was very good.

What's wrong with Jermaine Sellers. He's getting worse every day. Too much melisma. Kara STFU!! When the band messed up,they should be told that they messed up and they're wrong!!

Siobhan Magnus,unique voice but her facial expression disturbs me.

OMG!!How awesome Crystal Bowersox!!She's so good!!Although she looks like she hasn't taken a bath for few days,but she's fantastic!!

Alex Lambert. I don't know why the judges are gunning for him if not for his voice only. Definitely raspy,unique and kinda have the same tone like Jason Mraz.

Michael Lynche was the 1st guy that go through to the Top 24. However,I've had enough of his airtime and the pimping. I'm tired of it. He has a nice voice,sure!! But I'm sick of his clips. I don't wanna see another montage of the baby and his wife.

Todrick Hall did awesome version of I'm Yours. Great!! I was surprised that he goes through to the Top 24 since he had criminal record/shady past and so many people hated him to death.

Thaddeus Johnson has swagger. I love his mom.

Charity Vance sang Gravity by Sara Bareilles. I love that song so much and I think she did a great job with it. I was sad that she got cut.

Tasha Layton performed The Scientist by Coldplay better than Kris Allen's rendition in Tampa,Florida. I love her since the audition and I'm speechless right now that she got cut. I can't see her perform on Top 24. Sigh.

Mary Powers butchered Hot and Cold,and she was in Room 2. Bye bye Mary!!

Lloyd Thomas sang an interesting version of Man In The Mirror.

Hope Johnson got cut too. Her Home performance was a trainwreck for me. I was right that her voice is too thin. I wondered why the show gave her a lot of airtime.

Shelby Dressel won me over on her audition. I love her so much and she knocked the song out of the park with her Hollywood Day 3 performance. Too bad that she didnt' go through to the Top 24 which Simon said it was the wrong decision. I agree!! I don't know if I'll like this season since Tasha and Shelby are gone,they both have great great potential. The judges are moron!!

At least Aaron Kelly advances to Top 24. His voice has great tone and quality in it,and I always support every young contestants on this show. I can't wait for his Top 24 performances.

Ashley Rodriquez. She's not bad but generic for me. I'm not interested with her at all.

Lee Dwyze. Not my type of singer although he has rocker voice.

Joe Munoz. I saw potential in his short clip.

Haeley Vaughn. I love her but she tends to go screechy and a lil bit annoying with her voice.

Janell Wheeler did a karaoke Love Story performance. Sigh.

Tori Kelly is very good. Lilly Scott still riding her momentum,Andrew Garcia could be the frontrunner. He's in different league with the others. Although I can't see myself buying his album.

Didi Benami did an okay Angel performance. Whew.

Katelyn Epperly. I'm not interested with her.

Jessica Furney. I felt so sad for her but she's rambling too much in front of the judges.

Why didn't they show John Park's performance??

My current rank:
1. Shelby Dressel (didn't go through to Top 24)
2. Tasha Layton (got cut)
3. Angela Martin
4. Casey James (Top 24)
5. Katie Stevens
6. Aaron Kelly (Top 24)
7. Lilly Scott
8. Charity Vance (got cut)
9. Crystal Bowersox
10. Didi Benami (Top 24)
11. Tori Kelly
12. Todrick Hall (Top 24)
13. Janell Wheeler
14. Jermaine Purifoy (got cut)
15. Haeley Vaughn

It feels like this season is all over the place,I don't have the exact choice for me personally. They are all good,this season might be like Season 5. With all the good contestants became fantastic in their own rights. I hope so.

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