Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 24 Guys Performances

I think this 12 guys are the most good looking group of guys ever on Idol. I can't wait to see the tweens,cougars,etc reactions deep in the game.

- Todrick Hall (woah woah I liked this arrangement although he changed it so much but I really really enjoyed it. Totally creative)
- Aaron Kelly (Amazing!!Now we're talking!!That's the kind of performance I want to see from the contestants!I was blown away by his deep rich husky voice,definitely suitable for country music career.He needs to improve his stage presence and movement though,I felt it was too much standing in the middle)
Why Jermaine looked like some random douche?!His swagger is really irritating me!!
- Jermaine Sellers (what the hell was that??Over the top performance,too much runs,it was just show-off. Nothing special at all from this performance. For me,Jermaine is getting worse everyday,I don't like him anymore)
- Tim Urban (oh was excruciating watching his performance. His facial reaction was very awkward,his stage movement's weird,he can't hit the high notes. It's trainwreck. Painful performance. The only thing that could save him is his good looking face)
- Joe Munoz (very good!! He should watch his enunciation though,can be a lil bit mumble,but I think he has a strong vocal,reminds me of David Archuleta,and he didn't show any nerve at all. I could see his determination and tenacity from his eyes)
- Tyler Graddy (urgh,too old/throw back. I hated it!! No no no no!! His gimmicky is getting old)
- Lee Dwyze (way better than my expectation,pretty good performance,nice vocal,nice rendition.Good job,Lee)
- John Park (his facial expression is hollow like when he sang and I felt uncomfortable watching it. He has great voice for sure,I could see that in some parts but he couldn't find his position on that song. Too bad,I had good expectation about him)
- Michael Lynche (karaoke-ish but at least it wasn't that bad)
I was astounded that the beginning of the show was great and it went downhill really fast from there.I thought the guys could done better judging from Todrick and Aaron's performances,I was wrong.
- Alex Lambert (awful performance,so awkward and amateur,tonight's show is killing me so bad!!They were all like amateurish singers)
- Casey James (the judges were so rude joking and laughing when Casey was performing. It made him laughed a bit in the beginning. Thus ruining the emotional connection of that performance. It's still very good though)
- Andrew Garcia (it's pretty amazing I'd say,I liked it. It was refreshing. I disagreed with the judges)

Very underwhelming 1st week. Sigh. And the judges really bashed the pimp spot contestants like Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia. Never seen them like that before.

My rank:
1. Aaron Kelly
2. Todrick Hall
3. Joe Munoz
4. Andrew Garcia
5. Casey James
6. Lee Dwyze
7. John Park
8. Michael Lynche
9. Jermaine Sellers
10. Tim Urban
11. Alex Lambert
12. Tyler Graddy

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