Thursday, February 11, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week Group Rounds

Mmkay,tonight was definitely a disaster for me. I didn't see any jawdropping performance and the trainwreck wasn't funny at all.

The battle between Neapolitan vs Destiny's Wild was okay. I didn't like both of their performances though.

Mary Powers surely dominated the whole hours,wasn't it?!Uhh the drama in her group.Too bad,I liked Tatiana's last year meltdown better than this.

I was shocked that Ben Honeycutt got cut. He has so many fans on IDF. It's a shame too that Kimberly Carver (the jazz girl) and Dave Pittman (the guy with tourette syndrome) couldn't go through to the next round. Sigh.

Katie Stevens performed very well,also Jermaine Purifoy. The fact that they didn't show John Park and Aaron Kelly's performances bothered me so much. Although I can foresee the Top 24 formation based on the airtimes.

Overall,bad episode. One of the worst group rounds episode for me. Wasn't entertaining and wasn't good either. Can't wait for next week.

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