Monday, February 15, 2010

Movie Review : Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

I was so bummed when Christopher Columbus,the director of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone,Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets,didn't continue to direct the next Harry Potter movies. Which in my opinion,destroyed the sequels because it lacks the great storyline that the 1st and 2nd movies have,the others directors pretty much did it whatever they want and cut so many important part of the stories. Sigh.

I didn't realize that Christopher gonna direct this movie adaptation from another best seller children books. I was pretty much waiting for this movie to be released. From the trailer,it has all the things that I enjoy. Mythical creatures,all the Greek god and goddesses and Medusa. I always love Greek mythology.

The story begins at the top of Empire State Building,where Zeus meets with Poseidon. Zeus tells Poseidon that he lost his lightning. Someone steals it and he accuses Poseidon's son as the thief. Poseidon defends his son but Zeus doesn't believe him and threaten to start a war if in 14 days,the lightning isn't returned to him.

Percy (Poseidon's son) is just another high school boy who amazingly able to be underwater for long time. I bet Logan Lerman (the boy who plays Percy) is popular with this movie following,and I'm right. LOL. When Percy visits a Greek museum,his subtitute teacher (Fury) attacks him. That creature looks like Harpy. So ugly though!! Urgh!! Fortunately,Mr Brunner,the teacher who gives a trip guide in that museum rescues Percy. Percy then being sent to training camp for demigods. In his way to that camp with his mom,Minotaur attacks him. Already,there's magical creature in the beginning of the film. I love it!!

In that camp,Percy meets with Annabeth (Athena's daughter) and Luke (Hermes's son) who will give him the shield to defend himself when they're going to Hades. In order to save Percy's mom who's in the hand of the Hades,they plan to go to the Underworld. That's some of the story in this movie.

Some scenes that I love the most in this movie is when they're entering Hades. You can see the magnificent area surround it. Fiery and vast. I love it!! Their journey to get 3 pearls (an exit item from Hades) is fascinating. I didn't know that Aunty Em is Medusa. I thought it's just an abandoned shop. The fight with Hydra in the Parthenon is fantastic!! I bet the tourists will freak out the next day when they encounter the remaining of Hydra. The last pearl in Lotus Casino & Hotel almost halt their journey,because they're being given hallucination by that Lotus Flower. Seeing all the building in Las Vegas makes me want to go there. And the last scene,the entrance to the Olympus is pretty much almost identical with the entrance to the Hogwarts.

Well,I think Christopher Columbus did a great job with this movie. Although his Harry Potter movies are still in different league with this one,but still very nice. It'd spectacular addition in the next following years,when Harry Potter movies end,to the medieval and fantasy lover. Besides,Narnia chronicles,I don't recall another fantasy series worth watching.

Can't wait for Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters. I'm already hyper up reading that title. LOL

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