Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 24 Announced

Once again,I don't get it why Idol cut some of the great contestants. Like Angela Martin today. She was definitely robbed big times!! Why didn't they give her a break?? She got the voice,she endures a lot in her life,I don't get it...I really really don't.

Janell Wheeler stumbled in Hollywood Week,many times. She makes it to the Top 24. I hope she impresses me next week.

I'm still meh about Tyler Graddy. I don't like his style,stage presence,etc. Just not my thing.

I like Lacey Brown's voice. She's different. I'm curious whether she could blow me away next week.

Crystal Bowersox is definitely a very strong girl contender. I have high expectation on her for next week. I hope I'm not gonna be disappointed.

Ashley Rodriquez,Alex Lambert,Michelle Delamor and Joe Munoz are definitely cannon fodder,but I want to see more from Joe Munoz.

Katie Stevens is one of my favorite since the beginning.

Ouch,Angela Martin. Watching this is killing me. I can't stand it watching her sad journey and history. Why oh why people like her doesn't get the break that she deserved!! It makes me feel ill.

Lilly Scott,great and unique voice.

Why they didn't show John Park's performances at all??I can't fathom it. I'm so sad for Paige Miles,she's the only one who doesn't get a single airtime of her performance. Probably eliminated next week if she doesn't perform a fantastic performance.

Can't wait for next week.

My ranking for the girls:
Katie Stevens
Crystal Bowersox
Lilly Scott
Didi Benami
Janell Wheeler
Haeley Vaughn
Lacey Brown
Siobhan Magnus
Ashley Rodriquez
Michelle Delamor
Katelyn Epperly
Paige Miles

My ranking for the boys:
Aaron Kelly
Casey James
Andrew Garcia
Joe Munoz
John Park
Todrick Hall
Tim Urban
Alex Lambert
Michael Lynche
Jermaine Sellers
Lee Dwyze
Tyler Grady

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