Thursday, February 04, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Road To Hollywood

Okay,this is how they should do every auditions episode. With the majority of airtime for good contestants and minimal airtime for effin rejects.

- Jessica Furney (I recognized her,she's from last year,and she got better voice now. Can't wait to see more from her)
- Lacey Brown (unique tone in her voice and very different arrangement on that SOTR song,I wonder if she's better than Megan Joy)
- Aaron Kelly (yay!!I love his voice and I could see myself supporting this guy.I thought I read it somewhere that he's a young boy country singer contender for this show.)
- Hope Johnson (her voice is too thin,I feel uneasy watching her audition)

Why did they give Victoria Beckham a lot of airtime???Where's the heck of my Shania??I want me more Shania.

Can't wait for Hollywood Week. Drama drama drama. Gonna be fun!!

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