Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 24 Girls Performances

Urgh,the banter between Ryan Seacrest and the judges wasted a lot of time.

- Paige Miles (she's better than I expected,although judging from Simon's words,she could do better but why I got the vibe that they didn't throw her under the bus??Will she be staying for another week?)
- Ashley Rodriquez (is there something wrong with the sound system?? I couldn't hear her voice clearly when she sang the falsetto. It's too low or maybe she didn't sing those verses out loud. Her performance wasn't that bad I think,clearly better than my expectation,I just wanted her to sing louder at the mic)
- Janell Wheeler (oops wrong song choice definitely for her,it's like going nowhere,nothing interesting about this performance. Melissa McGhee from Season 5 knocked this song out of the park and Janell really fell short.She hasn't performed as great as her Hollywood Week Day 1 performance)
- Lilly Scott (very unique performance,I got the out of this world-circus-another dimension vibe,in a good way. Very refreshing. I love the melody in this performance and her beautiful vocal)
The judges upped their game tonight.
- Katelyn Epperly (better than my expectation by a miles!!Good vocal but the arrangement was too old for my taste. The outfit was horrendous,and the lipstick was too much)
- Haeley Vaughn (she shines alright!!I liked her performance though she should work on her vocal. Too many pitchy notes. Overall,I liked her take on this Beatles song that's been done to death)
- Lacey Brown (I agreed that her performance seemed forced in many parts but I thought her tender vulnerability made me love this performance. I almost cried watching her rendition. So beautiful and this performance really touched my heart. I hope she'll do a better song next week)
- Michelle Delamor (very good performance but very generic. I hate that song)
- Didi Benami (woah,they threw her under the bus. Although her performance was low key but I loved it. It had sparks in certain parts and good enough for my taste)
- Siobhan Magnus (dark haunting song and good performance but slightly dull.She's better than this)
- Crystal Bowersox (as good as I expected,her new veneer/whitened teeth distracted my attention,still a very good performance though)
- Katie Stevens (an okay performance,I was disappointed,she blew me away on her 1st audition and she hasn't done that since)

I was bummed that tonight performances were all good,nothing spectacular but luckily there wasn't any trainwreck performance.

My rank:
1. Lacey Brown
2. Lilly Scott
3. Crystal Bowersox
4. Katelyn Epperly
5. Didi Benami
6. Michelle Delamor
7. Haeley Vaughn
8. Siobhan Magnus
9. Janell Wheeler
10. Ashley Rodriquez
11. Paige Miles
12. Katie Stevens

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