Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Result Show

Vanessa from Gossip Girl is in audience!!

Simon said it's open competition and everyone were good at last night show after watching it back. Hmm I smell something funny!!

Group performance "I Don't Mean A Thing" cuap cuap cuap cuap & "I've Got Rhytm". Love it. I miss Melinda because of this performance reminds me of her. I want her to appear on Idol,please.

OMG!!They're doing the 2 groups thing!! Suspense suspense!!

Matt & Kris are in the left stage. Danny & Allison are in the right stage. Adam has to pick which group he belongs in. He picks Danny & Allison group. Unfortunately,it's wrong!! Adam,Kris,and Matt are in bottom 3!! SHOCKER!! I'm so upset right now. I can't believe it!!

Natalie Cole's performance is good. Her vocal is weak though. She's stretching her vocal too much in the last half of the performance.

Taylor Hicks is okay. I'm just not a fan of that genre but he's definitely a performer. The first winner who wasn't my fave back then but I loved all of his performance on Idol. Other winner,I didn't like while on the show like David Cook.

Adam,Kris and Matt being brought up in the stage again. Kris is safe. OMG!! I can't believe it. I'm crying!! I almost faint because of the intense drama.

Jamie Foxx performs "Blame It". It doesn't tear up Midwest like what he promised on Ryan's radio,I say. It's not that polarizing of a performance like ROF. And he promotes his movie LOL at least he has many great things to say about all contestants and not rambling on.

Matt's going home,Adam is safe. Fiuh. As long as Kris safe,goodbye Matt. I still believe you have much more potential within you and I hope all Matt fans can vote for Kris next week to oust Danny Gokey. We have to make an upset,guys!!Yes,We Can!!

Matt's exit performance is rather somber. And Paula is babbling on about 40 millions fans. WTH!! It's not that many (the viewers) and not all the viewers fan of Matt. They are divided into 5 contestants.

I can't wait for Rock & Roll Week with Slash as a mentor. Racing my heart again if they throw Kris under a bus or a tank.

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