Friday, April 10, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 8 iTunes Recording Review

- Adam Lambert (excellent recording voice from Adam since the beginning of the song,beautifully soft vocal with the perfect arrangement. I get goosebumps hearing this)
- Allison Iraheta (I love her vocal and it's the perfect song too,meaning you should buy this song.Review isn't necessary for Allison,she's ready for recording career)
- Anoop Desai (beautiful vocal from Anoop,he's navigating throught he song with the perfect tempo and doesn't make me bored to sleep and not karaoke at all. Great job!!)
- Danny Gokey (at least it's not as horrible as the live version of it. Although I feel kinda weird listening to Danny's soft voice in the beginning of the song and I still hate the arrangement)
- Kris Allen (love the vocal but the song is meh. It's really an awful week for Kris. Although his sometimes growl and raspy breath compensate for that)
- Lil Rounds (beautiful instrument and band,perfect for dancing in the beach but Lil's vocal is karaoke at best)
- Matt Giraud (Matt outdid himself every week in the recording area,his live is bordering on trainwreck for some people but his recording voice is heaven. Although I still abhor the "yeahhh" thingie in the song,it's bombing my ear and makes it bleeding)
- Scott MacIntyre (the perfect song for bringing me to bed. I'm not kidding. Too bad I still have so many to do after this,if not I'd be getting to bed real fast because of this song)

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