Thursday, April 23, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 7 (Again!!) Result Show

First they group singing in the super tight dance outfit. Kris looks hot. The dance made me LMAO.Good job,Paula!!

Lil is being walked to the far side of the stage. Are they doing the 2 groups of 3 people again this year??Unfortunately NOT!! Lil is going home. Bye bye!! Pretty good sing out!!

Who the hell were the guest performer??It's the worst performances ever on Idol. The first lady can't sing at all,she looks like someone's mom being forced to sing on the stage. The second lady's outfit is so horrible,it's bordering on tramp outfit. The last guy looks like a drunken uncle with no singing talent whatsoever. The combination of those 3 guest performers make the worst scene ever on Idol and I don't intend to watch it again.

Kris is safe. Yay!!! At last,I get full point on my Fun Office Pool!!

Danny is safe!!Shit!!I hoped he go home for shocker but oh well.....

Allison is in bottom 3!!What what what!!

David Archuleta performs "Touch My Hand" and his voice isn't good at all. It sounds very tired!! Btw here his vlog after his performance:

He's so nice though for talking to the bottom 2 and give them advice.

Anoop goes home. I'm sad. Where is his humongous fans???Why he always in bottom 3 week after week??I'm puzzled.

Next week is jazz week or rat pack week.

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