Sunday, April 26, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 7 Disco Week iTunes Recording Review

Whew it took me few days to download this,until yesterday I wasn't able to download all the songs,dunno why,the internet was sucks.

- Adam Lambert (the first impression is pretty slow arrangement on this recording,it's way slower than the live version.I'm not fond of this arrangement.Until the end of the song,I don't like this at all.Too slow.)
- Allison Iraheta (while Adam sometimes misses his mojo on the recording version,it's not like that with Allison.Her vocal and the arrangement is spot on. I love this recording. They make her vocal smoother in a good way,still rock-ish but not too rough. Perfect for the song)
- Anoop Desai (okay,I will totally miss Anoop. I mean in major way. His iTunes song is so good!!The beat is so catchy,his vocal is flawless,the combination of those element are perfect,not like the live version which is a little bit weird.Put this song on the radio and promote it,I bet it will become a hit)
- Danny Gokey (BIG FAIL!!!again for Danny. Hate the recording since the beginning,the vocal is all over the place,the arrangement is weird,don't like any single part of it whatsoever)
- Kris Allen (uh oh,the bandzilla is appearing again.I already heard it from everybody and now I'm listening to it myself. It will be so much better if Kris lose all the band and just record like what the live version was. This recording is pretty good,just the bandzilla ruined it.)
- Lil Rounds (good,maybe suitable for disco party at your home but not that great. I don't feel any umph from the recording)
- Matt Giraud (practically the worst recording from Matt.The vocal is awful,the enunciation is rambling,and everything is trainwreck)

Overall: bad week for the iTunes Recording,much like Motown Week recording.


Nomad said...

seems like a pretty safe bet that Danny and Adam will duke it out in the season finale

aquayers said...

definite no no,it will be the worst Finale ever because of Danny.He will be the poster boy of overrated contestants in the future's season.Mediocre talent but with constant pimping from the judges.(puke)