Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Performances (Rat Pack Week)

It's Rat Pack Week A.K.A the worst week ever in America Idol's theme this year for me personally.
OMG!!This show is really dragging on like snail. They wasted time on Jamie Foxx & commercial.

- Kris Allen (props for Jamie because he praised Kris and saying that Kris is ready to record right now and he wanted to do a duet with him. Cool. Btw it's solid good performance from Kris,a bit meh. And WTF!!! with Simon. I'm tired of his bullshit. It doesn't matter when someone emanates an aura for the Finale or not)
- Allison Iraheta (pretty awful at the beginning with the phrasing or diction but picks it up in the end. It's not as good as Katharine McPhee's version but great. Watch out,Allison!! Simon releases his tank to buldoze everyone except Adam and Danny tonight)
- Matt Giraud (urgh it's too mechanical & looks like audiobook. I don't like the almost tuneless phrasing of this performance. Might be the worst performance by Matt for me. He didn't do anything for me. Simon's wrong. Tonight was bad. It's on the way to become the worst jazz week ever)
- Danny Gokey (Katharine McPhee owned every part of this song's performance and Danny didn't do justice for me,even in a tiny bit. It's awful. Randy is so idiot for bringing up it doesn't matter if you connect to audience or not. Hell,it's matter. And Kara for bringing up swagger thing. WHAT!!! And Simon for praising Danny to the heaven. WHAT!!!. I really want to end this show right now. It jumped the big whale tonight (shark is understatement). Awful awful)
- Adam Lambert (the beginning was great,after that he lost me. It's officially the worst week ever)

I had high hopes for tonight's theme but my God,it's awful performance back to back. I don't know who will go home tomorrow. Might be Matt.

My rank:
1. Kris Allen
2. Allison Iraheta
3. Adam Lambert
4. Matt Giraud
5. Danny Gokey

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