Thursday, April 09, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 8 Result Show

Frankie Avalon sang for Simon and Simon was so embarassed because of it. He's really old.

The group performed "Can't Get You Out of My Head". It's very lazy in the arrangement,the harmonization was awful,but we can see that Adam and Allison excel in that performance. I think they would do great in dance week.

Kris is safe!!OMG!!!I'm so overjoyed and excited. I can't believe it,I thought he'd go home.

Anoop is in bottom 3!!Don't go home,Anoop. You performed one of your best last night.

Flo Rida is meh and not appropriate for the show. Imagine,conservative family seeing that. Oh,the horror.

Scott is in bottom 3!! Lil Rounds is in bottom 3!! The world is fair after all.

Kellie Pickler worked the stage with "Best Day of Your Life" but she didn't work her voice at all. Almost trainwreck. Reminds me of her worst performance in Idol.

Lil is safe!!F*ck!!

Anoop is safe!!Hooray!!Btw only 30,000 votes separate between him and Scott!!WTH!!Who's voting for Scott???I demand the list right now.

Scott is going home. Please don't save him,judges!! I don't want pity party for blind guy. And finally,Scott is really going home.

Next week,I hope Lil goes home to make way of the best Top 6. I'd spare Danny today because his fans save Kris Allen from the bottom 3.

Next week's theme is movie soundtrack theme. Interesting!!

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