Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 7 (Again!!) Performances (Disco Week)

- Lil Rounds (oh Lil!!You sing this song too soft. You're terrible at disco. There is no week where you can shine. Go home please!! Everybody who have been believing in you all along must not have an ears. I always doubt your capability and I'm right!! This song isn't supposed to sing like that,it's supposed to sing with loud and strong voice. Too bad your voice is too weak.)
- Kris Allen (OMG!!!I'm so freaking happy. Kris doesn't stumble this week,y'all!! He proves everybody wrong once again. He's very smart at arranging his song choice,very artistic as always,and blow everybody away. Complete with praise from the judges. I'm glad.)
- Danny Gokey (he's really stretching his voice on this one,although I love the song but the high notes were very painful tonight for me. It's not usual for Danny to be screechy at the high notes but I think his vocal on the upper register already worn out. One of his worst performance.)
- Allison Iraheta (weird arrangement,horrible outfit making her appearance too old for her age,but love the vocal and it's pretty good overall.)
- Adam Lambert (he can never do wrong,can't he!! He's definitely a God like his fans said. It's so beautiful and touching my heart. I'm crying. Paula's crying. Showstopper performance.)
- Matt Giraud (I'm not feelin' it. I really prefer him singing rock songs than this. The vocal is too much and all over the place. The falsetto is painful. The riff is everywhere. Very desperate. I'm beginning to hate Matt's live performance.)
- Anoop Desai (beautiful vocal as always. I love the beat so much. It's so catchy. But combining his vocal with the arrangement isn't working at all. Somebody should fire the mixer or arranger of this performance. Btw the good thing is,I've been on the fence on whether I want Anoop or Matt to stay longer,and now I want Anoop to stay longer and Matt to go home. At least Anoop delivers a perfect pitch vocal every week whereas Matt's vocal always horrendous at falsetto and riffing).

My ranking:
1. Kris Allen
2. Adam Lambert
3. Anoop Desai
4. Allison Iraheta
5. Matt Giraud
6. Danny Gokey
7. Lil Rounds

Overall: not trainwreck at all like what I had expected.

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