Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 7 Result Show

The group song this week is fantastic. I love it that Kris opens up the performance and walking to the judges and why Allison wears pajama???? While Danny and Adam at the top floor (Top 2 in the future??)

Zac Efron is gorgeous.

Anoop is in bottom 3 again. I hope his spirit is still strong and not crushed because of this back to back bottom 3 he had. Just keep doing a great performance and you will be fine. Certainly,don't try to do uptempo song again.

Jennifer Hudson was very good. I love the song. Definitely outsang Lil on every level.

Kris is safe!!Dial Idol is crashing down right now in their prediction. BIG FAIL!!

Lil is in bottom 3 and Matt too.

Anoop is safe!!Yay!!

Miley Cyrus is good!!F*ck Jamie Foxx for telling Miley to make sex tape and do heroin like every other stars. Give the kid a break,will you!!

Simon says he will consider save someone and they will be surprise. Oh,better not be Lil!!

Matt is the lowest vote getter!! WTH!! Who is voting for Lil??I wanna know. She's like a cockroach that never died.

The judges SAVE Matt!!Woah!! The kids all so excited and hug each others. 2 people will go home next week (sigh) and disco is the theme. Eeww!!

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